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Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Come all young fellows, that follow the sea of cats.

October 23rd, 2008 (08:22 am)

current mood: blank

Arrr, reason I be not postin' as much in the last while is that we be spendin' most of our days huntin' for cats.

There be more of the buggers than we thought. It be nearly two full months since we even had time for lookin' for the cabin boy. Everyone be assuming that he jumped overboard.

Just this mornin I found a cat in my breakfast. Must've fallen from the ceiling or something.

Yarrr... It be christmas soon, I wonder what Horace has planned for us all? Mayhap I shouldn't know, lest I be scared out o' me boots with the sight of turkey. Or roast cat. A plentiful meat!

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

(no subject)

October 1st, 2008 (10:01 pm)



Be this thing on?

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Fiddle de de...

September 19th, 2008 (08:06 am)

current mood: piratey

It be that time of year again, mayhap we'll drink some grog.

Actually that be a given, we going to drink LOTS of grog to celebrate such a fine occasion. We've called off the daily cabin boy hunt, let the boy stay stuck somewhere for another day, we got celebratin' to be doin'.

So today we're going to .... well ... talk like we always do.

Yo ho ho! Shiver me timbers. Horace, go walk the plank, I want to cook for myself for a change.

In other news, we still be finding stray cats, although when I last spoke to ye there was only five to find, so it's slowing down a bit. Found one in an open barrel of grog. Figured it might give a special flavour to it, we left him in there for a few hours, so maybe the taste will be essence o' soggy moggy.

Also, I think we be turnin' into scavangers as we keep findin' things upon the sea. We found several barrels of cheese and mackarel... The cheese be camememmebert or summat like that. Tastes real good but stinks up the hold, and now that we be eatin' mackarel again... well... let's say we just forgot what it tasted loike and smelled cos t' hold now smells of it. Everywhere.

It going to be used as vermin bait. Smelly bait.


Swig your grog and think or pirates!!

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Cabin fever.

August 21st, 2008 (12:02 am)


We found the cabin boy!!!

Or rather, we found a part of him... We found his clothes. No cabin boy. Just the clothes. He been naked for nine months. He must be feeling manly.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Squashed kitty.

August 13th, 2008 (11:21 pm)

Egads, there's a cat in my hammock. I went to lie down for a nap during a lull in the wind and as soon as I parked me rear this unholy screeching came from under the sack I was using as a cover. The cat got in through the doorway, probably when Jones was in here earlier.

We've caught 10 of the little buggers so far, but five little kitties remain unaccounted for.

That little hellion is still up in the crows nest. Mocking us. Not wise to mock a pirate. We be not known for our patience.

Shame we can't aim the cannons up. Wait... we ain't got no cannons... Ok, we've got flintlock pistols... Not that accurate when firing at small cats.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]


August 12th, 2008 (11:20 pm)

current mood: cranky

Cats! ARRrrr! CATS!!!

Found out what was thumping in the hold. Someone has, for some unknown reason, smuggled two crates full of live cats on board the ship. What happened next was all my fault... I opened up the crate and a dozen cats lept out and ran in all directions. Now we've got a mystery of hiding cats all over the deck, the quarters and one in the crow's nest that hisses and spits whenever we get close.

Pirates ain't animal trainers. I vote if we catch the one in the crow's nest that we roast him and eat him with some of that old matured pepper sauce found a long while ago.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]


August 11th, 2008 (11:58 am)

Today we found us a crate in the water, full of brandy!!

Arr, tis a good day. Until we found out that they were all long since empty and filled with seawater. A rotten trick to play on a pirate many miles from port.

There's muffled thumping coming from down in the hold. Needs checking.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Fiddle de dee.

August 9th, 2008 (12:20 am)

current mood: sleepy

The crew be sleepin' and the night guard... be sleepin'. I'm the only one awake. Hard to sleep when everytime you shake your head another barnacle or piece of beef comes out o' yer ear.

Ye know what I miss most from the last two years? Biscuits and salt beef. Mushed together. Yarr, that be good. Plain old biscuits and plain old beef together on a plate just ain't the same as a mush of them all together.

I miss the cabin boy.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]


August 8th, 2008 (09:53 pm)

After we last sailed from port, we set sail due north. Or so the compass said before Jones stood on it while attempting to seduce a mop while he be three sheets to the wind.

Now, we ain't got no clue where we be. We may as well be headin' straight for the edge of the world and we wouldn't know it.

Maybe we'll find the cabin boy there.

If we do, he's getting beaten.

Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]


August 8th, 2008 (09:45 pm)

Half the crew had forgotton I'd even been gone! Bunch of inbreds, the lot of them. Locked inside a chest for nigh on two stinkin' years with no moving of me limbs and not so tasty rancid water. Even Jones had forgotton about me. They be sayin' things like, "Arr, captain, we thought you'd left us to go join the Spaniards", or "ARRR, captain, we thought you was sleepin' loike" or even, "ARRR!! Who the hell are y... Captain, it's you!".

I had the 'orrible chest smashed to pieces after I got out of it and it's in me fire right now, burning away. Had I thought about it, I moight've scrubbed it down first because now my entire cabin smells of burning rotten salt beef. I'm quite partial to a foine bit of rotten beef now and again, but this isn't so good.

The log says we've stopped at several ports in the last two years while I was locked away. All our money's gone, spent on rum and food. We do, however, have a lovely large stock of ships biscuits and salt beef. Pirates baint have much of an imagination when it comes to food shopping.

On one 'and, we've got a lot of cannonballs!

Mind you, we ain't got no cannons.

The boat's leaning funny.

Pirates be thick. Arr...

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