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Captain Paprika Teeth [userpic]

Fiddle de de...

September 19th, 2008 (08:06 am)

current mood: piratey

It be that time of year again, mayhap we'll drink some grog.

Actually that be a given, we going to drink LOTS of grog to celebrate such a fine occasion. We've called off the daily cabin boy hunt, let the boy stay stuck somewhere for another day, we got celebratin' to be doin'.

So today we're going to .... well ... talk like we always do.

Yo ho ho! Shiver me timbers. Horace, go walk the plank, I want to cook for myself for a change.

In other news, we still be finding stray cats, although when I last spoke to ye there was only five to find, so it's slowing down a bit. Found one in an open barrel of grog. Figured it might give a special flavour to it, we left him in there for a few hours, so maybe the taste will be essence o' soggy moggy.

Also, I think we be turnin' into scavangers as we keep findin' things upon the sea. We found several barrels of cheese and mackarel... The cheese be camememmebert or summat like that. Tastes real good but stinks up the hold, and now that we be eatin' mackarel again... well... let's say we just forgot what it tasted loike and smelled cos t' hold now smells of it. Everywhere.

It going to be used as vermin bait. Smelly bait.


Swig your grog and think or pirates!!